Thursday, 14 February 2013

Check this out,little collaboration between me & Dreadsquad from Poland.
I was working on this remix for fun & but was not quiet satisfied with the final result.
The vocals are part of a monthly contest on FB (remix & homemade productions).
Thing called Original RemixMasterz created by Lyta (Flash It Up) & Mad Codiouf (former Jahwed & now OBF crew)

So I decided to share this with Marek from Dreadsquad,the man who created the riddim in first place.
Some hours later,I received a message with his approved version.
This same remix is now available for a free download on his soundcloud.
All credits go to Dreadsquad of course.

Thanks & big up 2 Marek from Dreadsquad,Lord Lyta & all massive & crew.

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